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Air -conditioning

Professional engineering staff provide you with a wide range of devices which are optimal for building and its users’ needs, in order to ensure comfortable thermal environment which improves general conditions in the interior.


We guarantee selection and installation of devices which ensure good air exchange in a building and proper microclimate for people who stay inside.


A forced air heating system is a heating system which eliminates indirect heating media to reduce the time needed to heat an interior. The system can be extended with modules which improve general conditions in interiors.

Metal flashings

The system of sheet metal pre-insulation for sanitary installations placed outside a building. Pre-insulation saves thermal insulation on installations from mechanical damages and weather.

Automatic control

We match and complete automatic control’s elements creating solutions fitted to our clients’ needs. We precede the selection of every system with direct cost analysis and study of advantages and disadvantages of a solution to minimalize client’s capital expenditure.

Sales and service

We sell systems and solutions of HVAC technology. Well-trained and qualified staff ensure professional and quick installation of devices. As an authorized partner of many producers, the company also provides a service and a support of systems during warranty and non-warranty period.

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