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Air – conditioner – installation of comfort

Samsung At work and at home, where we spend most of our time, indoor air quality parameters are important factors influencing quality of life. A number of parameters creating a feeling of well-being while staying in an interior, individually or comprehensively influencing a person, constitute heat comfort. Comfort zones in summer differ from those in winter and depend on, among others, our physical activity and preferences.
By literature data, heat comfort criteria are met when, in the event that temperature in a room is between 18 and 24 °C, relative humidity is within the bounds of 35 -75 %. If there are significant exceptions from the limits, unpleasant feelings of excessive humidity, dryness or draught appear.
Another factor which has a substantial influence on our well-being is air quality, by which we mean air pollution levels. It is an extremely important matter in terms of civilization diseases, such as allergy or chronic headache.
Keeping good air quality is essential in terms of technology as well as the need of providing comfortable conditions in offices, housing and public units (doctor’s or dental surgery).


Wall mounted air conditioner

Wall mounted air conditioners are the most popular devices to install in small interiors/interior volume. They present exceptional possibilities of cooling and heating. An advantage of these units is a wide range of technical solutions optimizing their performance in every condition.



Cassette air conditioner



Cassette air conditioners are designed to install in a suspended celling. They work well in big interiors, such as restaurants, hotels, offices and conference rooms. Cassette units have many useful modern functions.

Ducted air conditioner


Air conditioners hidden in ceilings are perfect for buildings such as restaurants, offices, concert halls and hotels. Their installation is flexible and does not depend on arrangement of light fittings, sprinklers etc.



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