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Forced air heating

In cooperation with systemykomfortu.pl website, our company has specialized in installation of forced air heating systems in an area of Lesser Poland Voivodeship. We offer a comprehensive service, starting from preparing a project, through installation and services, ending with fixing forced air furnaces produced by CARRIER, RHEEM, LENNOX, REVOLUTION, MILLER or GOODMAN.

Check our offer and read a short description of the system for more details.

How does a forced air heating system work?

A forced air heating system is a heating system which eliminates indirect heating media in aim to reduce the time needed to heat an interior. The principle of operation of a furnace:
pulling return air from the interior
filtrating  pulled air
heating air
delivering  heated air back to the interior
In houses, hotels and other public buildings the heating system is usually extended with:
ionizing air filter
air cooler (air – conditioning)
UV lamp
Air humidifier
space-saving solutions – heating without heaters.

Here we present an example of the system, called Carrier Infinity 96:

Thermostat – it’s a controller which allows the user to regulate basic functions: temperature, heating, cooling, zones’ controlling, programmer.

Forced air furnace – it’s a unit which heats the air.

Condenser – heat pump – it’s an external unit which cooperates with air cooler. If it works as a condenser, it allows the system to cool interiors. If it works as a heat pump, it allows to heat interiors when it is more economic than gas heating.

Air cooler – an internal heat exchanger.

Ionizing air filter – an electrostatic filter which attracts dust.

Humidifier – this device products water spray which is spread with blown air.

UV lamp – a lamp that radiates ultraviolet rays which kills bacteria and viruses living in the air.

Recuperator – air handling unit with a cross – flow heat exchanger, which allows to recover a part of the heat during an air exchange.


A forced air heating system allows us to save up to 30 – 40 % on running costs. The reasons are: no need to use direct media such as water in traditional systems, high efficiency of forced air heating systems and its low inertia. We can also divide a building into zones which make it possible to lower the temperature in empty rooms.





Comfort of use:

Due to the usage of ionizing filters and UV lamps, we are able to eliminate risk connected with the presence of bacteria, viruses, microbes and allergens in the air. The forced air heating system can optionally control the humidity in the interior which allows to improve comfort conditions noticeable  in the building. The system also provides an efficient ventilation – air exchange in the room.




Easy to use:

You can control the system by easy-to-use multifunctional driver (thermostat). Using it we control the heating as well as air – conditioning. In an easy way we can program the temperature in our home for every time of the day which makes it possible to reduce the running cost of the system.




Easy to extend:            

The forced air heating system is an installation comprised of units. It means that you don’t have to buy all parts at once, we can install air conditioner, UV lamp or humidifier later which allows for distribution in costs.



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