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Recuperation – the idea for healthy and economic house


In modern buildings as well as in already existing buildings after thermomodernization, gravitational ventilation can stop working and applying of vents doesn’t work well with the idea of saving energy.

Recuperation is a system of mechanical ventilation which allows for continuous air exchange in a building and also for saving money due to heat recovery from air pulled from the building, which returns its heat to outside air in the air exchanger.

The effects of bad ventilation are the causes of imbalance in personal comfort

Using of bad ventilation system in construction leads to visible and invisible effects

Visible effects:
fungi and molds – they can appear everywhere – on lintels, in window jambs, behind furniture etc.;
condensation on windows;
condensation on objects;
swelling of floors, furniture and other wooden things
reversal of supply and exhaust ventilation’s circulation

Invisible effects:
systematic degradation of walls and a fabric of a building which is a result of humidity absorption
feeling unwell – throat irritation, dizziness, allergies, nasal mucosa irritation etc.
As you see, bad ventilation system is very harmful to human health. It can cause asthma, airway diseases, in extreme cases it can even lead to cancer. In rooms where gas devices are installed (for example heating devices) bad ventilation can result in poisoning and in consequence even death.

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